We create learning expeditions and experiences to empower top executives and organizations to reach their transformation goals

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Why choose us?


We can connect you with inspiring innovators who matter for you and are ready to share their experience and best practices – from disruptive startups to innovative corporates, VCs, government agencies, universities, digital experts and vibrant communities.


We create results-oriented, 100% tailored and out of the box learning formats – from Learning expeditions to transformation workshops, innovation events or advisory boards. We have no religion, we use the methodology that can work best for you!


We provide a complete experience with workshops and reflection sessions led by senior consultants, to share insights, foster new thinking and stimulate new ideas.


Most of our experiences are grounded in the most dynamic innovation ecosystems in Asia. We are constantly exploring innovation ecosystems in the region. We believe that on the ground experience is the best way to inspire transformation.

Why doing a learning expedition with your teams ?

We create learning experiences to empower top executives and organizations to meet specific goals, for example:
• Get fresh ideas on how to accelerate your digital transformation and reinvent your business model
• Engage your top management and teams into the efforts of digital transformation
• Explore new trends and new technologies (AI, Big Data, IoT, Robotics, Sharing Economy, VR/AR…) for your industry
• Learn from the experience of companies facing similar challenges
• Understand the new ways of working and reinvent HR practices


Where to go for your learning expedition ?

Learning expedition London (England)

#StartupHub #Fintech #Digitalization

• A dynamic environment to innovate
• A hub for financial opportunities
• Applicable AI for enterprises

Learning expedition Paris (France)

#Incubator #Retail #StartupCampus #CorporateInnovation

• Home of the world’s largest startup campus
• Strong engineering talent for corporate innovation
• Paris as a hub for retail innovation

Learning expedition Berlin (Germany)

#EarlyInnovation #SaaS #Automotive #Mobility

• An early innovator
• A developing enterprise SaaS hub
• From automotive to mobility hub

Learning expedition Tallinn (Estonia)

#TechnicalTalent #Digital #DeepTech

• Strong technical talent
• Digital-first EU government
• Deeptech hub

Learning expedition Barcelona (Spain)

#TravelTech #SmartCity #PropTech


• An emerging startup hub challenger
• A traveltech hub
• Smart cities and proptech hub

Learning expedition The Nordics

#FinTech #CleanTech #HealthTech


• Fintech hub Stockholm
• Cleantech hub Oslo
• Healtech hub Helsinki


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